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GROTU app helps in Group Travel & Events Planning using Patented application that saves time and money:A.Create New Trip

GROTU app helps in Group Travel & Events Planning using Patented application that saves time and money:

A. Create New Trip Survey – This module lets users create a Trip survey from questions and answers provided by the App, add additional survey choices, and invite a group of friends to pick choices that suit them including but not limited to: Travel destinations, Dates, Companions, Transportation, Trip length, Stay Preferences, Preferred activities and excursions. Users can send Survey invitations to friends using Phone contacts, Emails and Telephone numbers.

B. View Trips – This module lets you respond to the Trip surveys you created, and Trip survey invitations you received from others. Group survey results are presented as colorful Pie charts and Bar charts. This helps users arrive at a consensus on Group Travel. Members can also post comments and see a list of invited members and their suggestions.

C. Potluck, Party, Event Planner – GROTU has advanced Invitation management capabilities:
Event Invitation – This module lets you create Invitations to events where you can select event type (Lunch, Dinner, Sports Meet, Picnic, Game night etc.), specify date, time, address and invite a group of friends using Phone contacts, Emails and Telephone numbers and get their RSVP.
Potluck Invitation – When you want to invite a group for a Potluck style meet where different people can pick from a list of food items, drinks, games or take on other responsibilities for event like decorations, booking venue etc., you can specify the list of items to be brought and any shared responsibilities for group. Invited members can pick from the list, and see what others picked, and also post their suggestions in a chat style.

D. Create New Expense Report – This module lets you keep track of Group expenses when you are traveling, or any other time you spend money where one friend pays and others participate in the expense to be shared equally. You can enter an Expense entry with date, amount, description, payer, and participants sharing the expense. You can also click a photo of Expense receipt and add to the Expense details accessible to all members. Friends can choose not to settle the Expenses and carry a ledger balance, adding future expenses while the App maintains an account in Cloud storage. GROTU app allows you to import a list of participants from any previously created Trip survey or Event into an Expense report. Or you can invite a group using Phone contacts, Emails and Telephone numbers.

E. View Expense Reports – This module lists all Expense reports you created or were invited to participate in. You can View Expense Summary detailing all expenses, receipts (images) and participants in each expense. You can add new Expense entries into the Expense report. Expense summary also details the settlement amounts between Expense participants and lets them specify if they have paid the amount so re-adjustment of balances can occur. GROTU app lets users specify their preferred payment collection method in Account settings.

F. Group Photo Organizer – This module lets you Create Galleries of photos and share them with friends and family. You can upload Photos to a Gallery AND Hyperlinks to external websites where your photos maybe stored. You can import a list of participants from a Trip survey or Event to add to a Photo Gallery using simple dropdown menu. Or you can invite a group of friends using Phone contacts, Emails and Telephone numbers. Friends you invite to a Photo Gallery can view, share and upload photos to the gallery. They cannot delete any photos uploaded by other members. Gallery creation and deletion is only available to members who upgraded GROTU app to GROTU Photo Premium version. They can invite their friends to participate in the gallery subject to storage limitations of GROTU Photo Premium account. GROTU Photo Premium account holders can create multiple galleries and invite different set of participants to each.

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