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1. 查看友邻的生活动态和内容分享,与他们互动;
2. 发表“我说”,分享照片;
3. 转播有趣的内容给关注我的人,或者“赞”一下;
4. 支持多账号;
5. 支持查看相册和浏览照片;
6. 支持批量上传图片到相册;



1. 在广播中可以浏览自己已经订阅的兴趣分类的内容。
2. 优化版本检查和更新提示的时机。
3. 修复了内置浏览器使用时的一些问题。
4. 其他 Bug Fix。

1. 整个应用经过重新设计,采用了全新的功能结构框架。
2. 应用中新增豆瓣相册,完整的支持豆瓣个人相册的全部功能,包括发布、浏览、评论、分享等。
3. 应用导航栏更新为左侧划出,节省了屏幕空间,可以更多展示应用内容。
4. 广播信息流对单条广播的展示使用全新的卡片形式,并对细节功能的操作进行了优化。
5. 在广播信息流中支持多图浏览,并可以对当前图片进一步进行评论和推荐操作。

Broadcasting is a feature of watercress watercress, watercress neighbor through it to get the latest developments and to share life.

The best books / movies / music critic, most IN shopping Daren constellation master a wide variety of fashion photographers, digital experts …… fanatical attention to them in the watercress, you can get the most recent wave broadcast by watercress dynamic city life.

Watercress broadcast function:
1 See neighbor’s life dynamics and content sharing, interacting with them;
2 published “I said,” sharing photos;
3 broadcast of interesting content to focus on me, or “Like” look;
4 supports multi-account;
5 supports viewing albums and view photos;
6 supports batch upload pictures to the album;

Required watercress account login. Without watercress account, you can sign up for a new mobile phone number or e-mail.

Update log

2.1.0 update:
1 on the radio can browse the contents of their interest already subscribed classification.
2 optimized version check and update prompt time.
3 fixes some problems when using built-in browser.
(4) Other Bug Fix.

2.0.0 update:
1 whole application has been redesigned, with a new functional structure framework.
2 applications watercress new album, complete support watercress personal album of all functions, including publishing, browse, comment, share and so on.
3 application updates the navigation bar on the left to draw, save screen space, you can show more application content.
Operation 4 broadcast traffic on a single radio show using the new card format, and details of the functions were optimized.
Figure 5 supports multi-view broadcast information in the stream, and can comment on the current picture and recommend further action.

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